Saturday, October 18, 2014

Race Review: The Showdown Half Marathon

Last weekend I ran the Showdown Half Marathon in the nearby city of Fairview, TX.  The Showdown is basically a fun way for runners to celebrate the TX/OU Red River Rivalry (the football game played later in the day).  I usually run with the UT side, but loved the red medal this year and crossed over to the dark side (sorry, not sorry).

This is a really fun race, well run, in which a TON of my MRTT frunners also participated in (which makes it even *more* fun!!).

Even though for me this was basically a supported training run that just happens to award a medal (or two for me!) at the end, I did have some goals.

I wasn't looking to PR this race as it is a notoriously hilly one, but I did want to out perform my dismal performance from last year.  I also wanted to keep this run at a marathon pace the entire way without going out to fast (which I am GREAT at doing!).

Packet pick-up for this race is always a smooth one.  I think it took me longer to walk into the building where packet pick up was held, than it did to actually get my things.  Love that.

Race morning was nice and cool.  I arrived at the start a little early so I could catch up with friends and get a picture with my MRTT friends.

There is no corral line up for this race as it is on the smaller side (maybe 700 ran the half?), but the pacers are a plenty! I think there are pacers for each 5 minute increments up to the 3 hour mark.  Lots of help if you are there to meet goals!

 The course is pretty cool too.  We ran for about 3 miles on the highway service road and then took a turn into the country side.  There was so broken asphalt terrain for about a quarter mile that I didn't care for (I have issues with falling), but otherwise the terrain was just basic blacktop.  Plenty of support stations handing out not only water and Gatorade, but gummy bears.

The alpacas and horses didn't happen to be out on this morning, they were smart to stay in on this cold and dreary day...but the scenery never disappoints.

Speaking of the weather, it was pretty much perfect.  It had stormed quite a bit the night before and I know most of us were doing no rain dances the days leading up to the race.  It was chilly and a bit drizzly, nothing like the warmth and humidity of last year.

So I finished this one in 2:12:55.  About 10 mins better than last year (so I met that goal) and I kept a 10:11 pace on a hilly course.  Just what I wanted.

Post race was filled with lots of delicious things runners love: chocolate milk, KIND bars and Nothing Bundt Cakes.

I also got to meet this little lady, who btw, beat me.

Lil Roxy might look all cute and cuddly (ok, she really is), but she is a *beast*.  Roxy has completed FOUR 50 MILE races with her owner and is a half marathon fanatic!  Roxy is *legit* and totally made my day (even though she beat me).

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